JDub Show

Ok lets be honest here its pretty hard to write about yourself and not come off like a conceded jerk lol. So here’s me in a nut shell.  I was born and raised in Copley Ohio (small township in Akron. if you have been to the summit mall that’s Copley.)
I was a jock in high school, Captain of the football team and have always been a wise ass.  I have an older brother who used to beat the hell out of me as a child now he and I are best friends but i think its only cuz I gave him tickets to a few country concerts.  I am a huge browns fan, so there’s at least one thing AC and I have in common.  I am a big family person so I spend as much time as I Can with my nieces they are my little princesses lol. (They only love me cuz uncle JDub took them to meet Justin Bieber).  I have a Cat his name is Stud and he plays fetch.  There’s really not to much to me, I love my job because I love to bring happiness to people.  What it all comes down to is at end of the day I tried to make as many you smile and hopefully I succeeded.  Its an honor that I started my career at the most legendary radio station in the united states and I still work here lol.  I want to thank you for supporting HOT 101 and everyone on our wonderful staff.  Please follow me on Facebook and twitter see links below.  If you want to email me you can by clicking HERE. Thanks for listening to my show I am honored you make me apart of your day.  Thank you again.


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