Kelly Stevens

So….how does a small-town girl from Southington, Ohio make it on the airwaves of HOT-101???
In my family, we always say “we put the FUN in dysFUNction….Life is fun! How else does a small-town girl like me end up doing morning radio? Growing up….I was the youngest…I had a way of making my parents laugh out loud…sometimes laughing with me…most often at me…
With AC every morning we share crazy stories…because life just writes it that way…I can’t make this stuff up….like my animosity for bubbles…and how I cringe when they pop on me and leave bubble juice…..eeewwww! And I’m not a huge fan of sand….or pork, sushi, okra, and shellfish…just saying…they’re just not my jam.

I’ve been married to the love of my life…often referred to as 6 foot 8 or 6’8″…that’s a name he was given on air when AC first met him and couldn’t remember his name (like any good big brother-AC didn’t want to scare him off by mentioning his real name on the radio and it just stuck)..6’8″ is a special needs elementary school teacher and we have 2 awesome kiddos…Zoey and Carter….and a service dog named Foster…Foster goes to school/work with my husband every day and does amazing things in the classroom.

I’ve never claimed to be a good cook…thank goodness my husband does much of the cooking…He is amazing! I am more of a clean-up person and I can chop a mean round of vegetables….and I love desserts that don’t require much chopping anyhow…..We (me and 6’8″) are both good with our roles around the house…”You Do You” is our motto….do what you’re good at….and just find a way to get the other stuff done….

The valley is our home and we love it here…where else will you find such great festivals, fairs, and food…And did I mention listeners with hearts of gold?  This valley is an awesome place to live, work, and raise a family…Lucky us!


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