How to Be Luckier!

Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits foot? How can you bring more luck into your life?

None of these….It all starts in your brain!

According to experts BELIEVING you are lucky is one of the best things you can do to increase your luck.

Other suggestions include:

Be Clear about what you want…lottery, spouse, baby, home, etc. and don’t be afraid to say it out-loud, post it on social media, tell friends and co-workers.

Karma…Karma can bring you your own special luck….that includes doing things for others, not because you want good things to happen to you but because it’s in your heart to help others.

Along with Karma is Gratitude…being appreciative of all you have and have been given.

Surround yourself with like-minded good people who have good intentions in their hearts. They will inspire you and you can inspire them….there’s that Karma again.

Set yourself up for success….ths goes back to BELIEVING you are lucky. Do the research, trust your instincts.

You are lucky if you believe you are. Take a look at all of the lucky things in your life, journal, make a list. It will snowball and soon you will realize just how lucky your are!




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