TEXT ME on my METRO PCS PHONE its 330-973-8399

Ok lets be honest here its pretty hard to write about yourself and not come off like a conceited jerk lol. So here’s me in a nutshell.  I was born and raised in Copley Ohio (small township in Akron.  If you have been to the summit mall that’s Copley.  I was a jock in high school, Captain of the football team and have always been a wise ass.  I have an older brother who used to beat the hell out of me as a child now he and I are friends but i think its only cuz I gave him tickets to a few country concerts.  I am an aspiring Youtuber please click the play button above to Like Comment and Subscribe to my Channel.  I am a huge browns fan, so there’s at least one thing AC and I have in common.  I am a big family person so I spend as much time as I Can with my nieces they are my little princesses lol. (They only love me cuz uncle JDub took them to meet Justin Bieber).  I have 3 Cats they all have unique names Stud, Lula and Monkey (hes my bengal cat).  There’s really not to much to me, I love my job because I love to bring happiness to people.  What it all comes down to is at end of the day I tried to make as many you smile and hopefully I succeeded.  Its an honor that I started my career at the most legendary radio station in the united states and I still work here lol.  I want to thank you for supporting HOT 101 and everyone on our wonderful staff.  Please follow me on Facebook and twitter see links below.  Thanks for listening to my show I am honored you make me apart of your day.  Thank you again.


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