National Ex-Spouse Day . . . What Bothered You About Your Ex the Most?

In honor of National Ex-Spouse Day, so maybe it’s a good time to take a quick trip through social media to cyberstalk them and see how TERRIBLE their life is without you.

Here are some results from a new survey in honor of the holiday . . .

1.  17% of divorced people say their ex got on their nerves.

2.  The five most annoying thing our ex-husbands and ex-wives did were:  Selective hearing . . . snoring . . . being a control freak . . . being irresponsible with money . . . and avoiding chores around the house.

3.  Divorced men say the most annoying trait their ex-wives had was being a control freak . . . divorced women say the most annoying trait their ex-husbands had was selective hearing.

(National Today)


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