I have written a lot of things in my life but this is probably the hardest. I was born and raised in a small, farm country community of North Bloomfield Ohio, if you don’t know where that is that’s ok, no one does. I have never wanted to do anything else in my life besides radio. As a child, I would climb to the top of the slide at recess and call the play by play for the daily kickball game. After the game, I would use an imaginary microphone to interview the players. I have always wanted to be that guy on the radio having fun and making people laugh. I’ve never been a suit and tie guy but I’m a big sports enthusiast, I love my Browns, my Cavs, my Indians, and of course my Buckeyes. I’m also very family oriented and I wouldn’t be anything without their love and support. My goal on Hot 101 is just to make you smile, that’s it. Whenever you hear me on the weekend I hope whatever celebrity story I tell, or whatever wacky experience I share about my own life, I hope I can make you smile or if I’m lucky, make you laugh. Thank you so much for listening to Hot 101 and thank you for letting me be a part of your weekend. You can follow me on Twitter, or Instagram @ajbraz410. Or on snapchat @aaronbraz410 thanks again

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