Who Needs to Treat Themselves? We ALL DO! Here’s HOW!

Need a Reason to Treat Yourself? We Have a TON of ideas!!

The average person feels the need to treat themself two to three times a week.  The pandemic has raised that number ten-fold! The times we’re most likely to do it include when we’re feeling sad, sick, tired, or just haven’t treated ourselves in a while.

What are your go-to’s for ways to treat yourself? Here are some of the tops favs….Mani-pedi. bakery items, special food, dinner out…here are some more ideas…

1. Cake or chocolate
2. A meal out
3. A take away
4. A glass of wine or a beer
5. Buying something I’ve wanted for ages
6. Ice cream
7. A vacation
8. Play hookey from work
9. A new book
10. A new outfit
11. Buying an expensive coffee drink
12. A trip to the pub
13. A day off to do absolutely nothing
14. A trip to the movies
15. Getting my hair done
16. An extra hour in bed in the morning
17. Going for a long walk
18. New shoes
19. Some new make up
20. Something healthy but still tasty
21. A new gadget like a computer or phone
22. Buying lunch at work instead of a packed one
23. A night on the town
24. An early night
25. Some fresh fruit/organic produce
26. A healthy meal
27. A spa day
28. Expensive cocktails
29. A new car
30. A trip to a theme park

Here are the top ten situations when we’re most likely to treat ourself . . .

1.  When you’re on vacation.

2.  Birthdays.

3.  When you’re feeling sad.

4.  When you’re sick.

5.  You haven’t treated yourself in a while.

6.  You’ve been working really hard lately.

7.  You completed a goal.

8.  When the sun’s out and the weather’s nice.

9.  You’re feeling tired.

10.  On holidays.




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