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9-11 Tribute from AC and Kelly this morning…..

From AC and Kelly this morning….. Quote of the Day “On this day . . . [20] years ago, 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police…MORE

What’s HOT in the Valley????

So where do you take friends and family when they come to visit? Join our FB posts and updates… In the meantime, here is a compilation of some of the “Best” in the Valley….. Hidden Gems….. Keystone Safari in Grove City Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater Warren Amphitheater Boardman Park Summer Concert Series Nelson Ledges The Butler…MORE

Who Needs to Treat Themselves? We ALL DO! Here’s HOW!

Need a Reason to Treat Yourself? We Have a TON of ideas!! The average person feels the need to treat themself two to three times a week.  The pandemic has raised that number ten-fold! The times we’re most likely to do it include when we’re feeling sad, sick, tired, or just haven’t treated ourselves in…MORE

Who wants to go to a Chocolate Fest!

  Here’s the event that has the Valley talking…But you need to order tix ASAP! To learn more about this awesome organization….check out: What is the Piggyback Foundation? Serious illness can wreak havoc on family life.  Caring for the ill demands endless time and energy.  Extra curricular activities of both children and parents can go by the wayside. …MORE

Who will you VOTE for? Here are the “MTV Movie & TV Award” Nominees

“WandaVision” Leads the “MTV Movie & TV Award” Nominees Nominees for the “MTV Movie & TV Awards” were announced yesterday, and “WandaVision” leads the pack with FIVE.  “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” leads all movie nominees with THREE. On the TV side, “Emily in Paris” and “The Boys” have four nominations each.  In the film category, “Judas and the Black Messiah” picked up two. “WandaVision” will compete for Best Show…MORE

In Honor of National Pet Day, Here Are the Most Popular Pets

Sunday is National Pet Day…. National Pet Day has been promoted by Taylor Swift, Ellen De Generes, Ricky Gervais, Cee Lo Green, Jimmy Fallon, Willy Nelson, Kevin Bacon, Seth Myers, and Carrie Underwood, among others. Over the past 10 years, the National Institutes of Health has been involved in research to determine the physical and…MORE

Here’s Every State’s Favorite Easter Treat . . . What’s yours?

A new study found each state’s favorite Easter treat.  So what’s most popular in Ohio and Pennsylvania? We’re not going to tell you how to celebrate Easter, but . . if your indulgence on one of the biggest candy days of the year is a hard-boiled egg, maybe it’s time to live a little bit…MORE


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