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Top Perks and Downsides of Working from Home

A poll found the biggest downsides of working from home are all tech-related, and we’ve dealt with 230 tech issues in the past year.  But what are the biggest perks and downsides? The average person who worked from home last year dealt with 230 tech issues.  So do the benefits outweigh the bad parts?  Seven…MORE

How to Be Luckier!

Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits foot? How can you bring more luck into your life? None of these….It all starts in your brain! According to experts BELIEVING you are lucky is one of the best things you can do to increase your luck. Other suggestions include: Be Clear about what you want…lottery, spouse, baby, home,…MORE

AC & Kelly’s Good News Story….kittens rescued from burning boat….

A fishing boat caught fire and sank off the coast of Thailand, and all eight crew members made it off safely.  But a 23-year-old Thai sailor realized they’d left four kittens on board.  So he dove in, climbed on the ship as it was going under, and saved all of them.  There’s a photo of him swimming with…MORE

Read Across America Week…What’s Your Favorite Book?

It’s National Read Across America Week…and there’s no better time to pick up a good book… Biography, drama, trashy romance novel….go ahead….we won’t judge you. One of our favorite things we miss this time of year is going our to schools to read…. we usually do a couple per day during Right to Read Week….we…MORE

What is the one food you HATE????

Soooo if you have to pick just one food that you despise…what would it be? A new study figured out the food that every state HATES the most, based on Google search data.  Olives are the most hated in 13 states . . . anchovies are most hated in 12 . . . and eggplant…MORE

2021…and YOU

So here we are in 2021…we thought it would never get here….but now that it’s here…hmmm… We talked about something on air that we don’t usually talk about….our resolutions…AC Never makes them (he says there’s nothing you can do on January 1st that you can’t do any other day of the year) and Kelly doesn’t…MORE

What are the Most In-Demand Christmas Gifts by state?

A study looked at the top gifts people are ordering in all 50 states, and gadgets dominate the list. What are you looking for? The PlayStation 5 is the MOST in-demand gift overall.  But it’s only #1 in six states.  Here’s the breakdown . . . 1.  The PlayStation 5.  It’s the most-sought-after gift in…MORE

What Made You Smile in 2020?

What’s the one moment from 2020 that sticks out to YOU as a moment you smiled . . . and it’s okay if it isn’t a pop culture, nationwide moment.  Maybe it was something local or personal. Call, message, or post on @hot101fm It’s just nice to focus on the positives sometimes. 2020 has been a…MORE


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